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BAOS and our beloved French Bulldogs

Whoever approaches the purchase of a French Bulldog will undoubtedly have heard of Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS), which is a pathological condition that mainly affects short-nosed dog and cat breeds such as our beloved French Bulldogs.


In the past, many breeders fell into serious excesses, making the Bouledogue Français notorious for its respiratory difficulties. Today, even the FCI has modified the breed standard, rewarding a more functional construction and good breeders have largely succeeded in diminishing this problem, which is hardly present in dogs of exotic colouring, by cross-breeding with breeds that are not affected by this issue and modifying the animal’s morphology in favour of his health.

The reason why Frenchies tend to suffer from the disease on a massive scale is because of its bone structure. French Bulldogs bony growth of the head occurs more in width than in length. This creates a series of anomalies that obstruct the passage of air and result in the characteristic wheezing of the Bulldog.

Animals affected by BAOS can get severe episodes of dyspnoea as a result of minor alterations such as physical activity (even brief ones), climate changes or weight gain.


The treatment for obstructive airway syndrome consists almost exclusively in a surgical procedure aimed at enlarging the nostrils and shortening the elongated soft palate.

It is always important, however, to contact specialised veterinary surgeons, as this problem is not always exclusively due to an overly elongated soft palate, as chronic inflammation of glands located in the laryngeal-pharyngeal area can participate in respiratory problems.


If the dog is unable to live a peaceful life and shows signs of distress at the slightest physical activity, it is useful to book a visit to a breed veterinarian.

The contact person for Florence Prestige French Bulldog is Dr. Riccò Ugo of the Riccò Veterinary Clinic.



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