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Dysbiosis in puppies and food intolerances in French Bulldogs

The initial stress of separation from mother and siblings and the change of environment in which the puppy was born and raised often create an imbalance in the intestinal flora of the young. This leaves room for the spread of other harmful protozoa, giving rise to dysbiosis, which can trigger phenomena such as Giardiasis. How can we intervene to help the puppy overcome this initial phase of change affecting its microbiota?


Let us remember, therefore, that generally the Giardia is an effect and not a cause of the problem and the fundamental principle for counteracting it is to work towards the constitution of a correct intestinal microbiota, which is in continuous relation with the external environment both through diet and through direct contact with the bacteria found in the environment in which the dog lives. Furthermore, the mother transmits to the young a sort of “immune baggage” that will enable it to cope with the bacteria that live in the environment in which the mother lives and the puppy is born.

Also dogs are carnivores and their digestive system is made to digest and draw nourishment mainly from raw meat and often industrial food “tricks” the dog’s appetite by containing raw materials that the dog would normally reject by nature causing intolerances in the animal itself. The first cause of intolerances are cereals, which can develop moulds that are harmful to our four-legged friends when they are stocked. Of course we must not take it to extremes, it is difficult to imagine our little Bouledogues living next to their wolf cousins or placed with a pack of wild dogs, this would simply be impossible. Men have selected everything in this breed that in functional animal husbandry would be defective, making it a characteristic feature of the French Bulldog and this has inevitably led to many sensitivities. Often in young Frenchies we can observe reactions ranging from dermatitis to chronic inflammation of the colon or a general lowering of muscle tone and a debilitated immune system.

What to do then? What to feed our French Bulldogs to keep them beautiful and healthy? The best choice is always a well-balanced fresh diet, tailored to the needs of the individual animal by a specialised veterinary nutritionist. We at Florence Prestige French Bulldog successfully rely on Dr. Francesco Benincasa, a great Frenchie professionist, who studies case by case the correct diet to restore the digestive system of even the most sensitive dogs, calibrating the right choice of ingredients that preserve all the organoleptic properties indispensable for the formation of a correct intestinal microbiota for the animal. A real shield against pathogens and parasites that the dog normally encounters during its life.


In conclusion, we can say that a dog’s health depends mainly on what it eats, and it is wrong to blame very common protozoa such as Giardia, as these would be naturally countered by the animal itself if properly fed.



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